main Services

3D Media:

  • 3D Walk Thru Videos
  • 3D Floor Plans
  • Presentation Scenes
  • Sun Studies
  • Custom Lighting Night Scenes

Photo Realistic Renderings:

  • Custom Materials
  • Furniture and Fixings
  • Custom Lighting
  • Reflections
  • Ray Tracing


  • Sketchup modeling
  • 3D house plan from 2D floor plans
  • House Photography (locally)

3D Services

3D Walk Thru Videos

We create unique 3D walk thru videos with correct sun angles, adding animated items, such as weather (clouds, fog, rain), tree movement, animals, people and vehicles further enhance the visualization.  Adding planting and furniture also gives the client the ability to visualize the scale of the build.


2woodford-10.jpg3D Floor Plans

Standard cad floor plans can be difficult for clients to interpret. We create 3d floor plans with color and furniture. This is a very effective way to plan spaces and visualize rooms.


kitchen-2Photo Realistic Ray Tracing

Great for interior design material and color choices, ray tracing provides the client with photo realistic images of their unique spaces to help the decision process. SEE HOW


Sun Studies

Changing the time of the day and the month enable accurate sun studies. Exterior and interior views enable the client to see the natural light and shadows year around. This tool is also useful for optimizing pergolas or shade elements of a home.


onsite_renderingPresentation Scenes

Often clients want to see what their new home will look like on the site. Using a suitable photo we can incorporate the house in the photo.