3D Media $500 and up

  • 3D Walk Thru Videos
  • 3D Floor Plans
  • Presentation Scenes
  • Sun Studies
  • Custom Lighting Night Scenes

Photo Realistic Renderings $250/image

  • Custom Materials
  • Furniture and Fixings
  • Custom Lighting
  • Reflections
  • Ray Tracing

Consultation $95/hr

  • Sketchup modeling
  • 3D house plan from 2D floor plans
  • House Photography (locally)


3D Walk Thru Videos

Initial setup $500 (Includes 5 images (non ray traced))
Up to 2 minute walk thru video $200 ea.
Up to 20 additional images – $380  (non ray traced)


3D Floor Plans

$300 for first floor (Includes 1 image)
$200 for each additional floor


Photo Realistic Ray Tracing

$250/image (Requires sketchup compatible 3d file)
$50/image revision (with up to 5 color and material changes)


Sun Studies

$200 Initial setup / video scene
$50 for additional videos with times/scene view points changes


Presentation Scenes

$250/image (Requires sketchup compatible 3d file and appropriate high res site photo)