I have over 30 years of computer graphics design, CAD and programming experience.  I have several 3D and auto-cad diplomas and I am self-tought in sketchup.
My company is based in Berkeley, CA. But I typically work from New Zealand most of the year.

I am able to communicate with my customers easily using skype calls/chat or video.

I also have a passion for photography and I contract my services out to real estate agents and builders for house photos.


If your client requests 3D walk through videos, 3D sun study videos or rendered 3d images, then I can help! I can even produce high end ray traced images for comparing material and color choices. Simply send me your 3D model file and I’ll take care of the rest!

(File IMPORT information)

External walk around videos will include landscape planting, trees, animated people and animals, moving sky and shadows, etc. Night scenes with custom lighting are no problem.

Internal walk around videos will include basic furniture and beds. (ALL special requests for 3d models, colors and materials/lighting are possible, just ask)

Providing a 3D model compatible with Sketchup enables me to produce the ultimate custom interior scenes, including adding custom materials, furniture, custom objects, and custom lights using any of the millions of available 3D Sketchup models freely available.

Visit my showcase for specific examples.

I can work directly with the designer, client or both if required.